I’m pleased to announce our new mix for my brother’s New york Show – ‘Kai and Sunny’ solo art exhibition ‘Lots of Bits of Star’.

Also were back collaborating with our good friend Alex Mass (Black Angels)

A limited number of CD’s with download codes will be available to guests attending the opening reception.

This mix has been created exclusively for the ‘Kai and Sunny’ solo art exhibition ‘Lots of Bits of Star’. Toydrum and Alex Mass of the psychedelic rock band ‘The Black Angels’ have created a musical composition, which explores how music and the written word impact their work.

The show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery runs from November 22nd – December 20th. 529 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011




Red Shoes

Music by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum) and Chris Allen featuring Abi Wade has been created for the film Red Shoes directed by Lorna Tucker for Vivienne Westwood on behalf of the Environmental Justice Foundation
Track: Music Box

Straight 8 App Launch

The STRAIGHT 8 APP enables you to shoot a simple or sophisticated film up to 3 minutes in length in full HD. Each shot is taken in story order. A variety of filters and effects may be added and you choose to include or exclude the live sound recording from each shot. All of these decisions are taken as you go along. At the end you can choose to add rights-cleared music from the awesome in-built music library – all of which is supplied by a growing array of professional composers and music acts. You then simply set the overall sound levels and add an onscreen title and director credit. Finally, still all from the device itself, on 3G, 4G or WiFi, you can easily immediately upload your professionally compressed, finished film to your chosen social platform and/or to the straight 8 app community, whilst saving a full HD version to your camera roll.

The app’s in-built music library features, amongst others, artists from across The Domino Recording and Publishing Companies and from Toydrum of Underscore Collective with the tracks ‘Flowers, Precinct 21 and Surf Crime Scene’. The app and the films produced within it will provide cross fertilisation