Toyrooms is a great studio run by great people. I’ve recorded Bad Seeds, Grinderman and at least two soundtracks – Lawless and West of Memphis – and it is perfect for a close, intimate, real-life sound. Full of Pablo Clement’s endless collection of musical “toys”, the Toyroom has become our studio heartland. 

Nick Cave

We offer a cohesive ‘one-stop’ approach to the process of creating music for all forms of visual media including film, TV, commercials and games.

Today’s audiences, reared on rock, techno and everything in between are looking for more contemporary aural accompaniments and we believe that the collaborative process between musicians is a truly dynamic platform for creating great music for the big and small screen.

By combining our technical skills of setting music to picture, with our ability to harness the talents of collaborators, with a range of musical styles and influences, we can bring a fresh and highly creative dynamic to the process of composition.

We have assembled a number of very talented musicians, who are credible contemporary recording artists in their own right, to be part of the Underscore collective. They can be called upon to get involved with projects as appropriate.

Our team has a wealth of experience across a broad range of creative business ventures – from film production to running record labels.

Having our own 3,000 sq ft recording studio also helps ensure that everything possible is done to support the process of creating and delivering great music.

Latest News

Toydrum New Mini Album

Toydrum have released their debut EP ‘Distant Focus Vol 1′

Buy it here

Also check their new website for more information

Bristol University Collaboration

A film for Bristol University directed by Jack Weatherly has been produced with Music By Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydurm) and Chris Allen.

Red Shoes

Music by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum) and Chris Allen featuring Abi Wade has been created for the film Red Shoes directed by Lorna Tucker for Vivienne Westwood on behalf of the Environmental Justice Foundation
Track: Music Box

Straight 8 App Launch

The straight 8 app enables you to shoot a simple or sophisticated film up to 3 minutes in length in full HD. Each shot is taken in story order. A variety of filters and effects may be added and you choose to include or exclude the live sound recording from each shot. All of these decisions are taken as you go along. At the end you can choose to add rights-cleared music from the awesome in-built music library – all of which is supplied by a growing array of professional composers and music acts. You then simply set the overall sound levels and add an onscreen title and director credit. Finally, still all from the device itself, on 3G, 4G or WiFi, you can easily immediately upload your professionally compressed, finished film to your chosen social platform and/or to the straight 8 app community, whilst saving a full HD version to your camera roll.

The app’s in-built music library features, amongst others, artists from across The Domino Recording and Publishing Companies and from Toydrum of Underscore Collective with the tracks ‘Flowers, Precinct 21 and Surf Crime Scene’. The app and the films produced within it will provide cross fertilisation

Caught In The Nest

Caught By The Nest a new remix by Tim Goldsworthy and Toydrum with an accompanying download of ‘A Distant Focus’ a track from the forthcoming Cinemental Vol 1 EP, will be available at Kai and Sunny’s latest exhibition.

Click here to gain also access to the download http://underscoresignup.sandbaghq.com/

‘Pieces’ Written and Directed by Jack Weatherley

Jack Weatherley spoke to MovieScope about his next film Pieces:
“So far I’ve written the films I’ve directed and, in general, I enjoy cinema that challenges, provokes questions and stays with you. I love working with actors and the collaborative nature of filmmaking inspires me. On Pieces I was lucky enough to work with an inspirational cast and crew including DOP Laurie Rose (who has shot all of Ben Wheatley’s films) and amazing post talent. Exploring music and sound in film fascinates me and collaborating with the collective sonic genius of Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum / UNKLE) and Martin Pavey (Kill List, A Field in England) on the film was a joy.”

Toydrum and BMW

Toydrum have created and produced the latest music, Tomorrow Today, for BMW – written by Pablo Clements and James Griffith. Check the showreel for the video..

Toydrum collaborate with Kai and Sunny

Toydrum have written and produced the track for an animation created by Kai & Sonny as part of their exhibition at Pertwee Anderson and Gold gallery which started on 15th March. You can also see it in our showreel.


Stereophonics ‘In The Moment’ (Toydrum remix)

Pick up a copy if the new Stereophonics album ‘Graffiti On The Train’ NOW via iTunes (UK) and check out our exclusive remix of the track ‘In A Moment’. Click Here



Dead Man’s Shoes Live

Dead Man’s Shoes live with Gavin Clark, Joel Cadbury and Ted Barnes at the South Bank.


Neville Wakefield on Toydrum

“Combining a musicians ear and a curators mind, Pablo and Toydrum’s mixes are rare journeys that take you beyond the underworld of lost and new musical treasures and into a reflective domain of their own… Which is to say they are the next best thing since recreational drugs: sick mixes that give more and damage less.”
Neville Wakefield

Nick Cave speaks…

Toyrooms is a great studio run by great people. I’ve recorded Bad Seeds, Grinderman and at least two soundtracks – Lawless and West of Memphis – and it is perfect for a close, intimate, real-life sound. Full of Pablo Clement’s endless collection of musical “toys”, the Toyroom has become our studio heartland.  Nick Cave

New Arrival

Toydrum’s new ‘Calrec Q Series’ Mixing Console Desk (56 Channels).

Tantrums EP Available Now

Tantrums’ five-track debut EP was recorded in November 2011 in Brighton, United Kingdom at the studio of Pablo Clements and James Griffith (UNKLE, TOYDRUM).

Just An Illusion Mix

Diagrams at Toy Rooms

Sam Genders from Diagrams at Toy Rooms Studio, September 2012

Lawless Soundtrack Credits

Pablo Clements and James Griffith are credited for their work on the new feature film by John Hillcoat ‘Lawless’ [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] with music by Nick Cave, The Bootleggers and Warren Ellis

The Tantrums

The Tantrums came to record with Toydrum at The Toy Rooms

Lawless Toydrum

Toydrum recorded all the songs for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis‘s score to the up and coming John Hillcoat film Lawless
Movie out Sept 1st
“the session was amazing – man them guys work hard – talk about break in a studio – blue grass in a sweaty room“

The Creative Team

Pablo Clements and James Griffith provide the creative hub of the Underscore Collective. They work together as Toydrum.

Pablo and James have been working together since 2007 as part of the creative force behind UNKLE’s music.  UNKLE are known for producing music that is particularly cinematic and this has lead to numerous credits on films, such as X-Files and Twilight: Eclipse. The most recent collaboration being with Nick Cave on the new John Hillcoat film Lawless.

Pablo has also had success in his own right with the Psyconauts and worked with David Holmes on various films including Oceans 12.  He has a hugely eclectic and in-depth knowledge of music and is a master of all matters to do with programming and beats.  Whereas James comes from a more traditional musician background, having spent many years as part of American based bands Lake Trout and Big In Japan before joining the UNKLE troupe.  As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, James has a real handle on song structure and melody that has been honed over the years.

They have a great reputation as collaborators (from Nick Cave to Lupe Fiasco) and are able to bring in collaborators from all areas of music as required.

Combining a musicians ear and a curators mind, Pablo and Toydrum’s mixes are rare journeys that take you beyond the underworld of lost and new musical treasures and into a reflective domain of their own… Which is to say they are the next best thing since recreational drugs: sick mixes that give more and damage less.

Neville Wakefield

Along with Weatherall I think pablo clements is one of the most creative musical minds I’ve met from my generation. A wonderful dj/ producer who isn’t afraid to play / explore new territories in music with such ease and panache.

David Holmes (Composer on Haywire, Oceans trilogy, Hunger)

I had been a huge admirer of the work that Pablo and James G had done on the UNKLE record ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ and was excited to get inside their workspace and to collaborate and pull apart the music that I was so close to…for me they were the only ones to trust!

With Pablo mixing beats and reinventing the ingredients and James quietly slaying riffs. The music goes from strength to madness and is quickly reinvented, rejuvenated but never lost…in the organised chaos that is TOYDRUM!

Jim Sturgess


Richard File

It was among the early hardcore and D&B scene in Hackney – that Rich decided to make music his career and he was signed to Mo’Wax at 19. Rich became a key part of the Mo’Wax fold, releasing music under different aliases and DJing at the influential club night Headz.

His first direct collaboration with James Lavelle was on ‘Be There’, feat. Ian Brown in 1998. It was the start of a working relationship that spanned a decade and saw Rich collaborating with some of the biggest names in music, from Brian Eno to Josh Homme. As part of Unkle, he scored the soundtrack to cult UK movie Sexy Beast and remixed artists from across the musical spectrum, from Japanese krautrockers Boredoms, to Palm Desert’s finest exports Queens of the Stone Age. As well as writing and producing the albums Never Never Land (2003) and War Stories (2007), Unkle performed live all over the world to audiences in their tens of thousands.

Rich left Unkle in 2008 to concentrate on a new project with Wendy Rae Fowler and in 2009 the pair released their debut album as We Fell To Earth.

Tracks from their self-titled album got licensed to the hit US TV shows CSI:NY, Gossip Girl, Numb3rs and The Prisoner. We Fell To Earth toured with The Big Pink and Air, and at the end of 2010 were invited to write the theme for AMC’s hit series The Killing.

In January 2012 Rich received an email from Michael Mann’s people, who had heard a track ‘In Time’ by Rich File. They wanted to use it for a new HBO drama starring Dustin Hoffman called ‘Luck’, and it is now featured in a number of the show’s trailers and end titles.

So began Rich’s journey as a solo artist; his first recording, a stripped-back interpretation of the grandiose Moody Blues classic ‘Nights In White Satin’ (2012). It’s a fitting contrast, for Rich’s music exists on a taught line between high drama and serenity. His melancholic songwriting style is matched with syncopated rhythms played out on guitar and synthesiser, and his audio references range from Brian Eno, J Dilla and Manuel Gottsching to Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works 85-92. The elements combine to form Rich File’s signature: hypnotic, atmospheric, vast-seeming sound.

Mike Lindsay

Mike Lindsay is most known for being the co-founder, frontman, composer and producer of UK Acid folk band tunng.

Tunng have released four albums worldwide since 2005 and are pioneers of the “folktronica” genre. During the past 8 years tunng have performed globally and instigated live collaborations  with Malian desert blues band Tinariwen, Canadian hip hop experimentalist Buck 65 and alternative harpist/songwriter Serafina Steer. In August 2012 mike released his solo album under the name “Cheek Mountain Thief“. This album was composed and produced in Iceland with local musicians.

Mike has also produced and co written records for, Speech Debelle (Mercury Music prize winner 2009), Beth Jeans Houghton, Serafina Steer, Hannah Peel, Cibelle and Laura J Martin. Plus countless remixes spanning a wide range of electronic, folk and world music.

Apart from producing records Mike has had a simultaneous career in music for film and television. Recently scoring the critically acclaimed feature documentary “Mission to Larz” and french feature film “Ensemble Cest Trop“.  Also a handful of short films and documentaries by Acclaimed Directors . A series of Micro-mentaries for the V&A and Barbican. Over the past decade Mike has composed music for over 100 television commercials and idents . Clients include: Film Four, BBC 2, ITV, SKY, O2, Samsung, Honda, NSPCC, NHS, Nokia.

Gavin Clark

Gavin Clark started writing songs in the early 90’s after a chance meeting with director Shane Meadows at Alton towers. He’s featured heavily in all his films including 24/7, A Room For Romeo Brass, Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England for which he also contributed his stunning acoustic version of The Smiths Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, he also scored Somerstown with Ted Barnes (Beth Orton’s co-writer)

Gavin’s first band was Sunhouse whose Crazy On The Weekend album was considered by fans and critics alike as one of the defining records of the 90’s, he then went on to form Clayhill with former Red Snapper frontman Ali Friend.

More recently his involvement with Unkle and James Lavelle with tracks such as Heaven and Every Single Prayer has served him well, also co-writing for film and television in all manner of forms, from Hollywood to low budget documentary.

He’s currently working with Youth and Helen Boulding for Marble Scars, Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) on ‘The Evangelist’, Jah Wobble on a musical yet to be named, co-writing with pop artists, and curating the live music for the 10 year anniversary of Warp Films, a re-working and re-scoring of Shane Meadow’s now deemed classic Dead Man’s Shoes

‘He simply has the knack of singing as if he were holding on for dear life, somehow he sounds hopeful and defeated at the same time. There’s an overriding melancholy in every note he sings and yet the results are oddly joyful and life-affirming’.. WORD


Chris Allen

As resident mixing-engineer and long-time collaborator with Toydrum, Chris plays an important role in the musical output of the band & continues to work closely with them as a key member of the team.

A hugely gifted and experienced engineer, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the technical and production requirements for modern music creation. A 16-year professional career has encompassed many different genres of music from commercial House and chart hits [a highlight being the international No1 single and album “It feels so good” by Sonique], through to mix-engineering 3 recent Unkle albums [War Stories, End Titles & End Titles Redux], several key TV Sports projects [UEFA 2008 theme, UEFA 2012 short film & the current Sky Sports News UK theme] a multitude of underground dance productions for a wide variety of artists, film score mixes [Odyssey in Rome, Harry Brown, Revolution] and Orchestral productions for Unkle / BMW and Sky TV.

Recent projects include mixing & production roles for artists such as Unkle, James Lavelle, Photek, Mark Knight, Sasha & Roni Size, bands such as Alt-J, Foster the People, Fenech Soler and business clients including BBC Arts, H&M, BMW and many others. In addition to these projects, Chris is also a key producer of bespoke music for Sky TV & Fox TV.

Chris has also recently worked with Underscore writers Joel Cadbury & Paul Stoney mixing a contemporary ballet score for Wayne Macgregor and the San Francisco Ballet as part of his continued commitment to ensuring that Underscore’s musical output is of the highest quality.

Sam Genders

Sam Genders is a critically acclaimed song writer and founder member and co front man of folktronica pioneers Tunng, a band he formed with Mike Lindsay in 2005 and with whom he released 3 albums, becoming well known for his Guy Garvey-esque vocals, creative lyrical imagery and melodic hooks.

Sam was also a member of the folk side project The Accidental along with the Memory Band’s Stephen Cracknell, Fence Collective collaborator Hannah Caughlin and Top 10 recording artist Liam Bailey (Chase and Status).

Sam has co written extensively for Ben Ottewell of Mercury Prize winners Gomez, for singer songwriter Liam Bailey (Chase and Status) and for many other artists and specialises in top line melodies and lyrics as well as music and song structure.

In a production setting Sam’s ability to bring fresh ideas into a session quickly and easily makes him the perfect person to bring into any project that needs an extra creative input to move it forwards.

Sam is currently performing under the name Diagrams and his debut album was released in 2012 and produced by Mark Brydon of Moloko.

Joel Cadbury

Joel Cadbury, singer, songwriter, composer and producer has worked in music professionally for over 13 years.

His musical roots span from his first band ‘South’, signed to dance and breakbeat label ‘Mo Wax’. Since that time Joel has collaborated on songwriting projects with artists which have included Beth Orton, Nick Hemming (Leisure Society), Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim) Gavin Clark, Scanner, Juanita Stein (Howling Bells), Melissa Parmenter and ‘Unkle’.

Original score titles include:

Jonathan Glazer’s cult gangster movie ‘Sexy Beast’ (2001)

Michael Winterbottom’s dark and brooding noir epic ‘The Killer Inside Me’ (2010) Simon Aboud’s heist movie ‘Comes A Bright Day’ (2012).

Joel is currently composing the original score for the San-Francisco National Ballet, working with choreographer Wayne McGregor CBE.

Joel works closely with Paul Stoney, their recent projects have seen them working with clients including; Bentley, Sony, Channel 4, BBC 1, Warp Films, Mother PR, Revolution Films, Vice TV, Ipso Facto Films, LBi, Random Dance, Zoo Nation, The Big Dance.

Photo: Kate Goodrich

Ted Barnes

Ted Barnes is a guitarist/ musician, songwriter and composer.

He released his first solo album, “Short Scenes”, in 2002 after writing it in periods off from working with British songwriter Beth Orton whom he had worked with on both her award winning albums “Trailer Park” and “Central Reservation”. Released on Narwhal records to critical acclaim, it featured vocal performances from Beth Orton and Gavin Clark as well as instrumentals written by himself and producer Oisin Lunny. After this release he continued to work with Beth Orton on her “Daybreaker” album and tour extensively.

In 2003 he formed the band Clayhill with long-time colleague Ali Friend (Red Snapper) and singer Gavin Clark (Sunhouse) and as such released a mini-album and three albums on the label Eat Sleep Records as well as working on soundtracks for English director Shane Meadows.

In 2005 he released a new body of solo work under the title of “Underbelly” on Sketchbook Records. A completely instrumental affair, it also received critical acclaim, as did the seven-piece band for their live performances.

2008 saw the release of “Portal Nou” on Teds own label Mornington Records. The body of work featured his now trademark instrumentals as well as collaborations with vocalists including Francoiz Breut (Calexico, Yann Tiersen), Beth Orton, Gavin Clark, Kathryn Williams and Dan Michaelson (Absentee).

In early 2009 he was commissioned by the Mimbre theatre/dance company to compose a score for their production of “Until Now”. This was debuted at the London International Mime Festival in Jan 2010. Songs from his albums were also featured in the Citrus Arts production of  “The Wardrobe Diaries” which toured Wales in the autumn of 2009.

Since then he has produced Gavin Clarks first solo album, which became the soundtrack to Shane Meadows film “Sommers Town”, Emily Barkers ‘Almanac’ album and is a guest musician on hers and Beth Orton’s up and coming releases.

Over the last four years he has forged an on-going relationship with Westone Library music source, recording seven albums of different musical genres that have been used in film, TV and advertising.

He also works with Harriette Ashcroft children’s theatre company playing music to under 5’s, as well as playing music in nursery groups.

“….quietly irresistible magic” UNCUT MAGAZINE
“….the result is captivating and at times simply awesome” WORD MAGAZINE
“….beautiful, timeless, gem of a record” TIMEOUT
“….a national treasure” ROUGHTRADE

Ali Friend

Ali Friend is a distinctive and versatile double bass and electric bass player who first came to the fore by forming Red Snapper in 1994. Since then, his eclectic taste has helped him to compose and produce numerous albums both with collaborators and solely.

Ali has written and co-produced all 8 of Red Snapper’s albums to date and in so doing has helped forge an ever-evolving genre-defying and totally original sound which has elements of jazz, hip-hop, electronica, jungle, rockabilly and dub. The music has been heard and used in film, TV and advertising across the world – from cult Russian films, to Japanese ring tones, to German spring water ads and live TV and radio in UK and Europe.

A guest vocalist with Snapper, singer-songwriter Beth Orton asked Ali to help write and perform on what became her Mercury Prize nominated debut album Trailer Park, and later on albums Central Reservation and Daybreaker. These were all toured extensively.

In 2003, Ali formed Clayhill with long term colleague Ted Barnes and Gavin Clark. This fertile collaboration produced 3 albums plus work on soundtracks for film director Shane Meadows – such as the jaw-droppingly poignant Afterlight on the film Dead Man’s Shoes.

Since 2007, Ali has also become a member of the award winning folk/world collective The Imagined Village which incorporates Martin and Eliza Carthy, Simon Emmerson and Sheema Mukherjee. Ali has written on albums Empire and Love and Bending the Dark which have received critical acclaim.

Simultaneously to the major projects, Ali has worked alongside many other artists such as Paloma Faith (Do you want the truth or something beautiful), The Chemical Brothers (Dig your own hole and Block Rocking Beats), Ed Harcourt, Beth Rowley, Death in Vegas and Emily Barker amongst others. He also played bass, including a specific solo piece, at David Axelrods stirring show at the Royal Festival Hall in 2006.

There have also been cross genre library and production music releases written and produced by Ali and often involving the amazing talents of a pool of musicians he can call upon.

Currently, Ali is scoring a new soundtrack with Red Snapper to the cult Senegalese film Badou Boy, which will be toured in 2013, as well as contributing to the rescoring of Shane Meadows classic film Dead Man’s Shoes and writing material for the The Imagined Village sponsors , Lush. Ali is also part of Harriette Ashcroft’s musical theatre group The Singalong Band which run pre-school sessions.

He is also building a new studio in his garden……….

“….a hidden gem fuelled with much variety, contrast and originality….”

Chris Wheeler

Founding director and producer of the Heritage Orchestra, Chris Wheeler has created a ‘multi-limbed beast of a band’ that is known for it’s ability to straddle genres and take the orchestral format into new territory.  Using London’s finest and most adaptable young musicians, Chris has produced a string of alternative orchestral shows.  These include the first live rendition of the Blade Runner soundtrack for Massive Attack’s Meltdown Festival, a furious improvisation with human beatboxer ‘Beardyman’, live composition with The Bays, an award-winning reworking of Joy Division for the Brighton Festival, plus concerts with UNKLE, Plaid, Amon Tobin, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal, The Streets, Jamie Cullum, plus an arena tour with Tim Minchin.

His approach to re-interpretive orchestral composition has also made him the ‘go-to’ orchestral producer for artists such as Antony & the Johnsons, The National, Leisure Society, Spiritualized, John Cale, Goldie, and Aphex Twin.  Not to mention his team providing orchestral backup for number-one hits with Professor Green and Dizzee Rascal, or session work with artists like SBTRKT, Emeli Sande, Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight and UNKLE.  Chris is also the director of Flying Giant, a company set up to create global opportunities for projects he is involved with.

In recent years Chris has supervised on several re-records for advert and also written new composition for clients such as Jonnie Walker, BMW, and MacDonalds.

Paul Stoney

Paul began his career in the 90’s as assistant engineer at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. He then went on to work with UK artist Jamiroquai and during this time he programmed two of Jamiroquai’s Platinum selling albums. He has also, toured extensively, as a live programmer for several artists including Jamiroquai, Archive, La Roux and most recently Adele.

He has worked on film projects composing, original pieces of music for Mark Wahlberg’s movie ‘Max Payne’ (2008), score and sound designed for Michael Winterbottom’s movie ‘The Killer Inside Me’ (2010), and composed the sound track for Simon Aboud’s debut movie ‘Comes a Bright Day’ (2012).

Paul is currently working with Joel Cadbury on composing an original score for the ‘The San Francisco National Ballet’ being choreographed by Wayne McGregor CBE

Paul and Joel have been collaborating closely on many projects over the last few years and with recent clients including: Bentley, Sony, Channel 4, BBC1, Warp Films, Vice TV, Ipso Facto Films, LBi, Random Dance, Zoo Nation, The Big Dance

Tom Challenger

Tom Challenger is a much-in-demand session musician/composer/arranger/performer and improviser.

After a formal training in both Classical and Jazz Idioms – and being at the centre of an exciting pool of music creators in London – he has gone on to provide boundary-breaking contributions as a multi-instrumentalist and composer with luminaries such as Red Snapper, The Heritage Orchestra, and numerous groups and projects he has curated.

His creative work has had many outlets, including work with animators and performance artists at the Royal College of Art; composition for numerous library projects and image; and commissions to write for festivals and bands in various eclectic styles. He has been able to incorporate his simple, yet informed approach to writing/arranging and playing into genres as diverse as World Music, Opera, Electronica, Punk and Jazz.

Constantly adding to his output as a creative artist – where he is seen at the forefront of an immensely talented generation – he also leads several groups including ‘Ma’, who explore a psychedelic/dub/jazz underworld; ‘Brass Mask’, an eight piece brass and percussion reworking traditional song from New Orleans’ sub cultures; ‘Fofoulah’ – West African avant-pop; and collaborations with diverse artists such as This Heat’s Charles Hayward and Three Trapped Tigers’ Tom Rogerson.

The Production team

The ability of the Underscore creatives to ‘deliver the goods’ is of paramount importance. However it is also essential to have a strong experienced team who are not only able to ensure the smooth running of the project but who also have a real understanding of the wider commercial issues and opportunities available.

To that end the Underscore production team is made up of individuals from the worlds of Film and Music.

On the film side we have Robert Bevan and Cyril Megret (The Salt Company (International) Ltd) and from music we have Ian Westley (Wez), Nigel Adams and Marcie Gatsky (Full Time Hobby, Hassle Records, Surrender All). Details on these companies and individuals are set out below:


The Salt Co

Salt produces, finances, markets, packages and sells films by new and established filmmakers: from the upcoming Miss You Already directed by Paul Andrew Williams and starring Jennifer Aniston to Dirty Girl with Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich and William H. Macy (released by The Weinstein Co). Other projects include Slingshot Studios’ comedy hit The Infidel written by David Baddiel and starring Omid Djalili; Fernando Meirelles’ City of Men (released by Miramax); Cleanskin, starring Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling (Warner Bros release in the UK and Entertainment One have multiple territories including US); horror comedy Grabbers directed by Jon Wright (Sony releases 2012 in the UK following its Sundance premiere); office comedy Welcome to the Jungle with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Adam Brody (in production); and shooting in Summer 2012 are Miss You Already and Twist, a 3D Parkour action movie and re-imagining of Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist. With combined experience on 70+ feature films over the last ten years, the Salt principals have raised in excess of $150 million in production financing (excluding pre-sales).



Robert Bevan

With a background in marketing and finance, Full Time Hobby Director Robert Bevan began to focus on media financing in 1999, first into films and then music. In 2006, together with James Lavelle of UNKLE and Mo’Wax fame and IFC, Robert helped to set up the record label Surrender All. He was a founding director of Buena Onda, a film production company, and Salt, a film finance and sales company, in 2003.


Cyril Megret

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Full Time Hobby Director Cyril Mégret has been a Senior Advisor to the International Film Collective (IFC) media group since 2002. Cyril is also a director of the independent music label Surrender All and film production and sales companies Buena Onda and Salt.


Full Time Hobby, Hassle Records, Surrender All

Full Time Hobby (FTH) and Hassle were set up in 2002, and Surrender All (SAll) in 2006. FTH focuses on indie and alternative music (eg Erland and the Carnival, Tunng, School of Seven Bells), Hassle on rock, punk and emo (DZ Deathrays, Cancer bats, We Are The Ocean), Surrender All is a joint venture with James Lavelle and UNKLE.

To date the companies have built up a catalogue of 150+ albums and have generated sales of over 1 million units in the UK alone. In addition to record label services, the company also provide artist management, music publishing and live touring services under the FTH umbrella.




Prior to setting up Full Time Hobby, Wez was General Manager of Mushroom Records (a division of News Corp.) where he helped launch some of the world’s defining acts including Garbage (10 million worldwide sales), Muse (4 million worldwide sales), Ash (2 million worldwide sales), Zero 7 (2 million worldwide sales) and Paul Oakenfold.


Nigel Adams

A founding director of Full Time, Nigel was previously Label Manager for Infectious Records where he helped Ash achieve a number one album and re-establish themselves as a platinum act. Whilst at Infectious Nigel was also instrumental in establishing The D4 as an international act, including a $1 million deal with Hollywood Records in the US.


Marcie Gatsky

Marcie has a background in film production, but has been the Label Manager at Surrender All since the company was formed in 2006.  Her experience is very broad and covers all aspects involved in releasing albums to project managing the creation of music for commercials, films, games and brands.

Marcie will be responsible for the day-to-day management of all Underscore projects and crucially act as liaison between the creative team and the clients.


Bristol University

Music By Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydurm) and Chris Allen for a film for Bristol University directed by Jack Weatherly Track: Moon of Alaska

Red Shoes

Music by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum) and Chris Allen featuring Abi Wade for the film Red Shoes directed by Lorna Tucker for Vivienne Westwood on behalf of the Environmental Justice Foundation Track: Music Box  

Pieces / To Get Inside

Music by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum) and Chris Allen for the film Pieces written and directed by Jack Weatherley Track: To Get Inside


Music by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toydrum) Track: Tomorrow Today


Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Tracks: Mayday (feat Duke Spirit), Persons & Machinery (feat Autolux)

A Distant Focus

Music by Toydrum Track: A Distant Focus Animation by Kai & Sonny    

Honda: Blood Bike

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Toy Drum) Track: One Calm Road

EURO 2012: The Score trailer

UEFA Euro 2012 – The Score Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Tracks: The Score (Scene 1), A Course of Time (Scene 2), Transmigration (Scene 3), Portraits (Scene 4), Relentless (Scene 5), Out of Time (Scene 6)

Drive Angry

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (UNKLE) Track: Drive Angry

Hyper Worm Tamer

Grinderman Track: Hyper Worm Tamer (Unkle remix)

Heretics Gate

Daydreaming With – St Michael’s Church Pablo Clements, James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Heretics’ Gate

Money and Run (Scubaboy)

Money and Run Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) ft Nick Cave Track: Money and Run Directed by: Scubaboy  

Money and Run

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) ft Nick Cave Track: Money and Run Directed by: Tom Haines

The Answer

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Answer Directed by: Ross Cairns

The Answer

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Answer Directed by: John Hillcoat

Saviours and Angels

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Tracks: Caged Bird, The Runaway and Another Night Out. Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams

Johnnie Walker

Pablo Clements (Unkle), Chris Allen Track: Kaned and Abel | 2007

The Driver

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) (Re-interpretation feat. The Lumerians) Driver  | 2010


Pablo Clements (Unkle), Chris Allen ft Gavin Clark Track: Heaven Directed by: Spike Jonze and Ty Evans

Pepe Jeans

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: Drums Of Death | 2011


Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Answer


Pablo Clements, Richard File (Unkle), Chris Allen Tracks: Kaned and Abel & Lawless

Odyssey In Rome (Unreleased)

Pablo Clements (Unkle), Chris Allen ft Gavin Clark Track: Heaven


Pablo Clements (Unkle) Track: Trouble In Paradise (Variation Of A Theme)


Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Answer | 2010

UEFA Euro 2008

Pablo Clements (Unkle) Track: Jupiter (Variation Of A Theme) | 2008

Dirt 3

Pablo Clements (Unkle), Chris Allen ft Gavin Clark Track: Heaven

Luminarias Trailer

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: In My Mind Directed by: Tom Haines

Chivas (The Rescue)

Pablo Clements (Unkle) Track: Trouble In Paradise (Variation Of A Theme) | 2010

Dirt (Game)

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: The Answer (Game)


Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: With You In My Head

Lives Of The Artists

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: Not A Sound

Axe Soundscape (Chair)

Pablo Clements (Unkle) Track: Axe | 2008

Lives Of The Artists

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) Track: Country Tune

The Caller

Pablo Clements and James Griffith (Unkle) ft Gavin Clark Track: Every Single Prayer

Odyssey In Rome (Unreleased)

Pablo Clements (Unkle), Chris Allen ft Gavin Clark Track: Intro 2


Richard File (We Fell To Earth) Track: Careful What You Wish For


Richard File (Unkle) Track: Tracier

BBC 2 Ident | Valantine

MIke Lindsay

Legacy, Olympic Gala

Joel Cadbury and Scanner Track: Three Phases Film by Ravi Deepres

BMW | Joy flows

Chris Wheeler

Live Transmission

Chris Wheeler (Heritage Orchestra and Scanner) Track: Live Transmission by Joy Division

McDonalds | Weather

Chris Wheeler

Johnnie Walker

Chris Wheeler Track: Bold Walker

Sexy Beast

Joel Cadbury (South) and Richard File (Unkle)

Killer Inside Me

Joel Cadbury

O2 Connected

Mike Lindsay

Nokia World

Mike Lindsay


Mike Lindsay

BBC 2 Ident | Lauren Laverne

Mike Lindsay

Honda Drive

Mike Lindsay

Canon Pixma

Mike LIndsay

BBC 2 Ident | Anjum

Mike Lindsay

Comes A Bright Day Trailer

Paul Stoney & Joel Cadbury

Northern Soul

Ali Friend / Gavin Clark / Ted Barnes (Clayhill) Track: Northern Soul

Off Balance

Ali Friend (Red Snapper)

Bentley GT Speed Launch Film

Paul Stoney & Joel Cadbury

Bentley Mulsanne Launch Film

Paul Stoney & Joel Cadbury

Bentley Continental GT V8 Launch Film

Paul Stoney & Joel Cadbury

Lagos Creepers

Ali Friend / Tom Challenger (Red Snapper) Track: Lagos Creepers

Live In The House Of Strange

Tom Challenger (Ma) Track: Live In The House Of Strange


Ali Friend / Tom Challenget (Red Snapper) Track: Loveboat

Ken Adam “Cold War Modern”

Mike Lindsay Directed by: Tom Haines

Night Of The Foxes Trailer

Mike Lindsay Directed by: Tom Haines

Somers Town Trailer

Ted Barnes & Gavin Clark Directed by: Shane Meadows

Seaside Dunce 03

Ted Barnes Track: Seaside Dunce 3

Seaside Dunce 01

Ted Barnes Track: Seaside Dunce 1

Pepe Jeans SS11

Pepe Jeans Pablo Clements, James Griffith (Unkle) Track: Psych-Adelic Summer 2010

Chuck S02E06

Sam Genders (Accidental) Program: Chuck S02E06 Track: Time and Space

Chuck S02E08

Sam Genders (Accidental) Program: Chuck S02E08 Track: Knock Knock

Take The Beach

Sam Genders (Co Writer) Track: Take This Beach by Ben Ottewell

Tall Buildings

Sam Genders (Diagrams) Track: Tall Buildings


Mike Lindsay & Sam Genders (Tunng) Track: Bullets Directed by: Tom Haines

Dead Man’s Shoes

Track: Afterlight by Clayhill sung by Gavin Clark Directed by Shane Meadows

This Is England

Track: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths covered by Clayhill sung by Gavin Clark Directed by Shane Meadows


Track: When We Had Faces by Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes Directed by Shane Meadows

I Dreamt Of God

Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes

Never Seen The Sea

Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes

Low Are The Punches

Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes


Mike Lindsay & Sam Genders (Tunng) Track: Woodcat by Tunng


Richard File | US Track: Lights Out (We Fell To Earth)

Gossip Girl

Richard File | US Track: The Double (We Fell To Earth)

Luck (HBO)

Richard File | US Track: In Time

The Killing (Fox)

Richard File (We Fell To Earth) | TV Series | US Track: The Killing Main Title

The Studio

The 3,000sq ft recording studio is based in Brighton and has been set up as a creative space geared towards helping musicians achieve their vision.

Given the long and often unsociable hours that are very much part of creating music, the studio has the usual facilities to cover most culinary and chill-out needs.

The main live room comfortably accommodates a live band with all their equipment, while maintaining complete ‘separation’. Obviously this is important technically for the quality of recording. However creatively it really facilitates the exchange of ideas during the writing and composing process. Also performances are often enhanced when musicians are actually able to play together, rather than in isolation.  The room is set up so that live recordings can be done to picture.

The studio is extremely well equipped and is very much ready to go, saving valuable time on the set up and allowing more time to be spent on the recording. It boasts an extensive collection of vintage synths and recording equipment that has been built up over the years and can be used to achieve a really warm analogue sound if required.

I had the great pleasure of having my last movie ‘Lawless’ soundtrack/score baptize Toyrooms studio beginnings. Pablo & co could not have provided more inspired & dedicated team support. To be by the sea just added to the magic. Upon first meeting Pablo, one is struck by his modest unassuming sweet nature. Rare & wonderful traits to work with in fact. And behind lies a vast & deep knowledge backed up by a natural spellbinding talent.

John Hillcoat

Toy Rooms Studio Equipment List

Mixing Desks
Calrec ‘Q’ Series Analogue Console (Currently being installed)
36 Mono Mic/Line Channels
24 Stereo Mic/Line Channels
6 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (Mounted above groups 1–6)
2 Stereo Compressor/Limiter/Gate (Mounted above group 7+8)
12 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (Mounted above stereo channels)
8 Stereo Groups
8 Stereo Sub Groups
2 Main Mix Busses
6 Mono Aux Sends
2 Stereo Aux Sends

The Outboard
1 Neve Prism -5 – (Neve Pre /Neve EQ/Neve Compressor)
2 Neve 33115 Mic Pre & EQ Vintage
1 UA 2-610 Tube Preamp
1 Vortexion 4 Channel Preamp
1 Avalon 737 SP
1 UREI 1176LN
2 UA LA3A Audio Leveller
1 Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor
1 Phoenix Mastering Plus – Mastering Valve Compressor
1 Audiojunkie SSL Compressor
1 API Rack – Featuring
2 Realios TL Compressor
2 API 500 Series Pre
1 Roland 501 Chorus Echo
1 Eventide H 3000 S
1 Eventide H 3000 D
1 AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb
1 Intersound IVP Distortion
1 MXR Pitch Transposer
1 Vintage Synth Filter Box
1 Empirical Labs Distressor

Event Opal Active Studio Monitor
Yamaha NS10
Tannoy Golds
Adam A7S

EMS Synthi – VCS3 – Synthi A (With Midi)
EMS Synthi – VC3 – Putney Wooden Case (With Midi)
EMS Synthi – Synthi Sequencer 256
EMS Synthi – HIFLI
EML Electrocomp 101
Oberheim Four Voice
Macbeth M5N
Roland Jupiter 4 (With Midi)
Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus
Yamaha CS-50 (With Midi)
Elka Synthex (With Midi)
Moog Polymoog
Roland System 101  (With Midi)
Roland System 102 (With Midi)
Oxford Synthesiser Oscar (With Midi)
Logan / Hohner String Melody 2
Polyvox Russian Legend
Formanta EMS-01
Korg MS 20 (With Midi)
Korg MS 10 (With Midi)
Korg VC 10 Vocoder
S-CAT Circuit Bent Casio Mt-68
S-CAT Circuit Bent Casio PT-30
Hammond B3 with Leslie
ELKA – X-705
Orla Ruby
Yamaha YC45D
Lowery Symphonic Holiday
Lowery Genie 88

1895 Bechstein Piano
1926 Green Art Deco Piano (As Used To Compose Yesterday By The Beatles)
1890 French Honky Tonk
Young Chang Piano
Rhodes MK1
Hohner Guitaret-Thumb
Various Toy Piano’s
Burdett Celeste organ

Guitars and Pedals
The studio has around 30 guitars and basses – Here is a list of the best
60’s Silvertone Surf Guitar
Fender Telecaster With Fernandes Sustainer Kit
Warren Ellis Signature TENOR
Dan Electro Baritone Guitar
Fender Jaguar
50’s Framus Semi Hollow Body
Mini Les Paul Guitar
Electric 6 String Banjo
Fender Precision Bass
Epiphone Viola Bass (Paul McCartney Bass)
Gibson EB2 Semi Hollow Body Bass

The studio is full of effects pedals
Ems Hi Fli
MuTron Bi-Phase
Gretsch Expanderfuzz
Electro Harmonix – Memory Man (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Bass Micro Synth (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Pog (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Frequency Analyser (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Stereo Memory Man
Electro Harmonix – Holy Stain
Electro Harmonix – Freeze
Maestro Rhythm n Sound For Guitar
Schumann PLL Pedal With Drone And Momentary
Boomerang Phrase Sampler Looper Pedal
+ Many More

Fender Twin Reverb Silver Face 75,s – (Vintage Silver Face)
Supro 1606 Tube Amp
Ampeg Jet 1970 – (Vintage Guitar Amp)
Vox Guitar Amp
Blackstar Amp
Fender Rhodes Speaker Amp
Ashdown Bass Head

Gretsch Vintage Kit
Ludwig Ringo Kit
Slingerland Vintage Kit
Max Rouch Jazz Kit
+ Loads More Vintage Snares

SE 2 SE 4400
SE Gemini ll
SE Voodoo VR1
SE Mike Guards
SE Studio Reflexion Filters
AKG D112
AKG 2 C214
AKG D20 With Suspension Mount and Box
AKG C1000S
Rode K2
Neumann KM84I
Neumann M147
Sennheiser MD409U3
Audix D2
Audix D4
Shure SM57
+ Many More

Computers and sound cards
Apple Mac 8 Core
Apogee Symphony I/O
Protools 9 / 10
Ableton Live
Audio Note DAC 5 Special
Tenori On
MPC 2000
MPC 4000
Dave Smith Tempest
Doepfer MAQ16/3
All Of The UAD Plugins
Recording through the best ADC (Analog to digital Converters)
Apogee Symphony 10

We currently have a unit made by Audio Note that is an ADC which was made for the Rick Rubbin/Johny Cash sessions. This is the best ACD that has ever been made, the tracking through this sounds amazing

Client List

Artists recorded

Dark Horses (2012)

Diagrams (2012)

Gavin Clark (2012)

Nick Cave (Grinderman) (2012)

Nick Cave (West Memphis Three) (2012)

Nightworkers (2013)

Tantrums (2012)

Whistlejacket (2013)


Projects recorded

Armani ‘Robbing and Cheating’ Remix (Unkle) (2012)

Band Of Skulls ‘Sweet and Sour’ Remix (Unkle) (2012)

Dolphin (Film Trailer) (2012)

Dunhill (Online Film) (2013)

Honda ‘Blood Bike’ (Online Film) (2011)

Lawless (Feature Film) (2011)

Noel Gallagher ‘AKA What A Life’ Remix (Unkle) (2011)

Noel Gallagher ‘Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me’ Remix (Unkle) (2011)

Pieces (Short Film) (2013)

Straight 8 (APP) (2012)


Projects in progress

Dolphin (Feature Film) (2013)

Montana (Feature Film) (2013)

Pinocchio – Straight 8 (Feature Film) (2013)

Our Robot Overlords (Feature Film) (2013)

Toydrum (EP) (2013)

Twist (Feature Film) (2013)


2nd Floor
Unit 19
Tileyard Studios
Tileyard Road
N7 9AH

The Toy Rooms Studio
360 Kingsway
East Sussex BN3 4QZ

Marcie Gatsky
Head of Operations
Email: info@underscore-collective.com
Tel: 0207 535 6700

Send us mail