NEW ALBUM – My Eye on you “To Reinvision” – OUT NOW

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Toydrum have released their new album My Eye On You “To Reinvision” on Skint Records

From Nick Cave’s balladry to Trentmoller’s drum and base tinted electronica, ‘To Reinvision’ was an exploration of Toydrum’s work to date, conducted by some of their closest and most admired, friends and peers.

All the artists involved in ‘To Reinvision’ had their own unique take on their chosen material. “Steve Mason, for instance, took an instrumental and, with Tom Gray from Gomez, turned it into a full song,” says Pablo “Others took snippets and made whole new tracks from them. We also invited label mates Joel Wells and Abi Wade to cover a song of their choice. It was a green light to do what they wanted.”

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