IMG_3856Toyrooms is a great studio run by great people. I’ve recorded Bad Seeds, Grinderman and at least two soundtracks – Lawless and West of Memphis – and it is perfect for a close, intimate, real-life sound. Full of Pablo Clement’s endless collection of musical “toys”, the Toyroom has become our studio heartland. Nick Cave

We offer a cohesive ‘one-stop’ approach to the process of creating music for all forms of visual media including film, TV, commercials and games.

Today’s audiences, reared on rock, techno and everything in between are looking for more contemporary aural accompaniments and we believe that the collaborative process between musicians is a truly dynamic platform for creating great music for the big and small screen.

By combining our technical skills of setting music to picture, with our ability to harness the talents of collaborators, with a range of musical styles and influences, we can bring a fresh and highly creative dynamic to the process of composition.

We have assembled a number of very talented musicians, who are credible contemporary recording artists in their own right, to be part of the Underscore collective. They can be called upon to get involved with projects as appropriate.

Our team has a wealth of experience across a broad range of creative business ventures – from film production to running record labels.

Having our own 3,000 sq ft recording studio also helps ensure that everything possible is done to support the process of creating and delivering great music.