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Evangelist **** Review in this months Mojo magazine (p90) 

‘The result is a raw-nerved and darkly beautiful, some times joyful, sometimes harrowing, and works by seeping into the consciousness’

Evangelist is out on the 11th of December featuring God Song and Whirlwind of Rubbish as heard in This Is England ’90
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Photo by Lucio D Cavallari


Evangelist are Gavin Clark and Toydrum. Catch tracks from the soon to be released album Evangelist in This Is England ’90.

The late Gavin Clark first featured on Shane Meadow’s award-winning film This Is England with his cover of The Smith’s Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want and since then has remained a crucial ingredient in the cult series.

After Clark’s tragic passing this year, Pablo and James (Toydrum) promised to finish the album in memory of their friend and fellow artist. The tracks from This Is England ’90 will feature on the upcoming album, released on 11 December 2015.

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