The creative hub at Underscore Collective is TOYDRUM, a duo formed by Pablo Clements and James Griffith, known for their work as members of UNKLE.

Pablo and James have been working together since 2007, as part of the creative force behind UNKLE’s music. UNKLE are known for producing music that is particularly cinematic and this has lead to numerous credits on films, such as X-Files and Twilight: Eclipse.

Pablo has also had success in his own right with the Psyconauts and worked with David Holmes on various films including Oceans 12. He has a hugely eclectic and in-depth knowledge of music and is a master of all matters to do with programming and beats. Whereas James comes from a more traditional musician background, having spent many years as part of American based bands Lake Trout and Big In Japan before joining the UNKLE troupe. As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, James has a real handle on song structure and melody that has been honed over the years.

They have worked on a variety of projects, Lawless with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Red Shoes – A short film for Vivienne Westwood, Pieces a film directed by Jack Weatherly, who they have worked with before on a film called The Score for Euro 2012. Remixes for the likes of Trentemoller and Noel Gallagher, mixing Noel’s In The Heat Of The Moment from his album Chasing Yesterday, the remix was used on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate E3 trailer.

In 2014 Toydrum released their first release, Distant Focus a 6 track mini album it is a progression of the work Pablo and James Griffith created under the UNKLE name. Last year they released Evangelist, a project they worked on with the late Gavin Clark, which obtained great reviews. The tracks God Song and Whirlwind Of Rubbished featured in the Bafta wining series This Is England ’90 written and directed by Shane Meadows.

More recently Toydrum scored the film London Fields (Billy Bob Thornton Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Jim Strugess) and the film Detour (Bel Powley, Tye Sheridan, Stephen Moyer).

They are currently working on Alice Lowes new film project Prevenge, which she wrote, directed and started in being 7 months pregnant!

Combining a musicians ear and a curators mind, Pablo and Toydrum’s mixes are rare journeys that take you beyond the underworld of lost and new musical treasures and into a reflective domain of their own… Which is to say they are the next best thing since recreational drugs: sick mixes that give more and damage less.
Neville Wakefield
Along with Weatherall I think pablo clements is one of the most creative musical minds I’ve met from my generation. A wonderful dj/ producer who isn’t afraid to play / explore new territories in music with such ease and panache. David Holmes (Composer on Haywire, Oceans trilogy, Hunger)
I had been a huge admirer of the work that Pablo and James G had done on the UNKLE record ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ and was excited to get inside their workspace and to collaborate and pull apart the music that I was so close to…for me they were the only ones to trust! With Pablo mixing beats and reinventing the ingredients and James quietly slaying riffs. The music goes from strength to madness and is quickly reinvented, rejuvenated but never lost…in the organised chaos that is TOYDRUM! Jim Sturgess