Artists recorded

Dark Horses
Gavin Clark
Nick Cave (Grinderman)
Nick Cave (West Memphis Three)
Toydrum (Distant Focus)

Projects recorded

Armani ‘Robbing and Cheating’ Remix (Unkle)
Band Of Skulls ‘Sweet and Sour’ Remix (Unkle)
Dolphin (Film Trailer)
Dunhill (Online Film)
Honda ‘Blood Bike’ (Online Film)
Oki Ni ‘Just An Illusion’ (Toydrum Mix CD)
Lawless (Feature Film)
Montana (Feature Film)
Noel Gallagher ‘AKA What A Life’ Remix (Unkle)
Noel Gallagher ‘Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me’ Remix (Unkle)
Noel Gallagher ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’ Remix (Toydrum)
Pieces (Short Film)
Stereophonics ‘In A Moment’ Remix (Toydrum)
Straight 8 (APP)
Trentemoller ‘Come Undone ft Kazu Makino of Blond (Toydrum Remix)
Universal ‘Big Love_Fleetwood Mac’ (Toydrum Cover)
UWE Bristol University ‘Real World’ (Online & Cinema Advert)
Vivienne Westwood ‘Red Shoes’ (Short Film)

Projects in progress

Kai & Sunny Lots Of Bits Of Stars Exhibiton (Toydrum Mix CD)
London Fields (Feature Film)