Mixing Desks

Calrec ‘Q’ Series Analogue Console (Currently being installed)
36 Mono Mic/Line Channels
24 Stereo Mic/Line Channels
6 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (Mounted above groups 1–6)
2 Stereo Compressor/Limiter/Gate (Mounted above group 7+8)
12 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (Mounted above stereo channels)
8 Stereo Groups
8 Stereo Sub Groups
2 Main Mix Busses
6 Mono Aux Sends
2 Stereo Aux Sends

The Outboard

1 Neve Prism -5 – (Neve Pre /Neve EQ/Neve Compressor)
2 Neve 33115 Mic Pre & EQ Vintage
1 UA 2-610 Tube Preamp
1 Vortexion 4 Channel Preamp
1 Avalon 737 SP
1 UREI 1176LN
2 UA LA3A Audio Leveller
1 Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor
1 Phoenix Mastering Plus – Mastering Valve Compressor
1 Audiojunkie SSL Compressor
1 API Rack – Featuring
2 Realios TL Compressor
2 API 500 Series Pre
1 Roland 501 Chorus Echo
1 Eventide H 3000 S
1 Eventide H 3000 D
1 AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb
1 Intersound IVP Distortion
1 MXR Pitch Transposer
1 Vintage Synth Filter Box
1 Empirical Labs Distressor


Event Opal Active Studio Monitor
Yamaha NS10
Tannoy Golds
Adam A7S


EMS Synthi – VCS3 – Synthi A (With Midi)
EMS Synthi – VC3 – Putney Wooden Case (With Midi)
EMS Synthi – Synthi Sequencer 256
EMS Synthi – HIFLI
EML Electrocomp 101
Oberheim Four Voice
Macbeth M5N
Roland Jupiter 4 (With Midi)
Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus
Yamaha CS-50 (With Midi)
Elka Synthex (With Midi)
Moog Polymoog
Roland System 101  (With Midi)
Roland System 102 (With Midi)
Oxford Synthesiser Oscar (With Midi)
Logan / Hohner String Melody 2
Polyvox Russian Legend
Formanta EMS-01
Korg MS 20 (With Midi)
Korg MS 10 (With Midi)
Korg VC 10 Vocoder
S-CAT Circuit Bent Casio Mt-68
S-CAT Circuit Bent Casio PT-30
Hammond B3 with Leslie
ELKA – X-705
Orla Ruby
Yamaha YC45D
Lowery Symphonic Holiday
Lowery Genie 88


1895 Bechstein Piano
1926 Green Art Deco Piano (As Used To Compose Yesterday By The Beatles)
1890 French Honky Tonk
Young Chang Piano
Rhodes MK1
Hohner Guitaret-Thumb
Various Toy Piano’s
Burdett Celeste organ

Guitars and Pedals

The studio has around 30 guitars and basses – Here is a list of the best
60’s Silvertone Surf Guitar
Fender Telecaster With Fernandes Sustainer Kit
Warren Ellis Signature TENOR
Dan Electro Baritone Guitar
Fender Jaguar
50’s Framus Semi Hollow Body
Mini Les Paul Guitar
Electric 6 String Banjo
Fender Precision Bass
Epiphone Viola Bass (Paul McCartney Bass)
Gibson EB2 Semi Hollow Body Bass

The studio is full of effects pedals

Ems Hi Fli
MuTron Bi-Phase
Gretsch Expanderfuzz
Electro Harmonix – Memory Man (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Bass Micro Synth (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Pog (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Frequency Analyser (Vintage)
Electro Harmonix – Stereo Memory Man
Electro Harmonix – Holy Stain
Electro Harmonix – Freeze
Maestro Rhythm n Sound For Guitar
Schumann PLL Pedal With Drone And Momentary
Boomerang Phrase Sampler Looper Pedal
+ Many More


Fender Twin Reverb Silver Face 75,s – (Vintage Silver Face)
Supro 1606 Tube Amp
Ampeg Jet 1970 – (Vintage Guitar Amp)
Vox Guitar Amp
Blackstar Amp
Fender Rhodes Speaker Amp
Ashdown Bass Head


Gretsch Vintage Kit
Ludwig Ringo Kit
Slingerland Vintage Kit
Max Rouch Jazz Kit
+ Loads More Vintage Snares


SE 2 SE 4400
SE Gemini ll
SE Voodoo VR1
SE Mike Guards
SE Studio Reflexion Filters
AKG D112
AKG 2 C214
AKG D20 With Suspension Mount and Box
AKG C1000S
Rode K2
Neumann KM84I
Neumann M147
Sennheiser MD409U3
Audix D2
Audix D4
Shure SM57
+ Many More

Computers and sound cards

Apple Mac 8 Core
Apogee Symphony I/O
Protools 9 / 10
Ableton Live
Audio Note DAC 5 Special
Tenori On
MPC 2000
MPC 4000
Dave Smith Tempest
Doepfer MAQ16/3
All Of The UAD Plugins
Recording through the best ADC (Analog to digital Converters)
Apogee Symphony 10

We currently have a unit made by Audio Note that is an ADC which was made for the Rick Rubbin/Johny Cash sessions. This is the best ACD that has ever been made, the tracking through this sounds amazing