The Underscore Collective is a group of individuals who are passionate about music and visual media aiming to provide a cohesive ‘one-stop’ approach to the process of creating music for film, games and commercials.

We create film soundtracks, specially crafted music for television commercials, themes for global brands and major computer game releases. We have produced some of the most recognisable and memorable pieces of music for film including ads for BMW and Citroën, brand themes for Vertu and soundtracks for films such as Twilight.

Underscore Collective launched in 2014 as a record label, Toydrum’s mini album being the first of a series of releases . ‘ Distant Focus Vol 1’ was a continuation of their success and pushing their sound forward from the music they created as Unkle. It features a collaboration with Gavin Clark ‘I’ve Got A Future’ and a collaboration with Joel Wells ‘Void and Form’. In 2015 Underscore continue with more exciting projects – a remix album of Distant Focus and the Evangelist Project featuring Gavin Clark with Toydrum.